12 month GOAL: $250,000

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global Missions

The other portion of funds we are dedicating to missions allows us to play a roll in a greater global outreach as a part of the C3 Church family. We are joining with other churches around the world to help fund and support the continued expansion of a church in the Middle East (anonymity used for their safety) and have fulfilled our commitment of $10,000 given to them. Because of your combined generosity, we get to play a small part in establishing the kingdom of God where the gospel is so often silenced by religious and political instability that continues to plague the middle east. With our support, this middle eastern church has been able to continue their work with foreign refugees and making disciples. In addition to supporting them, we were able to support the victims of war in Aleppo with a donation of $2000 to an organization on the ground called Preemptive Love.


As a part of local outreach to the city of Los Angeles, $15,000 of the $250,000 we raise will be dedicated to a new missions initiative we call "Love Week". Love Week is all about us coming together as one church making the love of Jesus known throughout the city of Los Angeles through acts of service.  Over the course of one week in the Summer of 2017, Love Week's goal is to see over 150 people from our community serving in various capacities throughout the city. A crucial component to Love Week is partnering with established non-profits, dedicated to helping those in need that call Los Angeles home. In 2017, we will be partnering with Covenant House, an organization that provides services and assistance to the growing population homeless teens in LA county. We also donated $2000 to them at our Christmas service as well!




As we grow, so does our need for a consistent production experience across all our neighborhoods. We will dedicating $10,000 of the $250,000 raised to investing in lighting, atmospheric and visual media to create the best experience for all who walk through our doors. 

c3 kidS

We love our C3 Kids and the incredible team that dedicate themselves to teaching the love of Jesus to them. We will be investing $10,000 of the $250,000 in new tools to enhance the experience for all age groups, community outreach events for families and expanding our kids ministry to include a 3rd classroom and age bracket. So far, $2974.71 has been spent in this area of the budget.


Worship at C3 Los Angeles is an integral part of experiencing God’s love every Sunday. As part of our ministries expansion, we will be investing $10,000 of the $250,000 into new equipment for each neighborhood and other tools for our worship experience to maintain a consistent experience in every neighborhood we occupy. To date we have been able to invest $4558.42 in new equipment.


audio Block
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2016 saw the launch of C3LA Music and our first official release, "Yours". So far, Yours has broken the iTunes top 200 Worship charts and has been sung in churches all over the world and has been streamed nearly 80,000 times on Spotify! Since the release of "Yours" we have also released two more singles, Light of the World and Resurrection Life across all digital platforms! Our desire is still to record a live EP this year if we reach our goal of $250,000. We have budgeted $20,000 toward this goal.


creative outreach

Last year, we raised $10,000 dollars in an effort to raise the visibility of C3 Los Angeles through the avenues of digital marketing and billboards.

The return on that investment can only be summed up as priceless. Strategically placed throughout our neighborhoods within the city of Los Angeles, we sought to spread a message that the love of Jesus is greater than any fear. Our LOVE>FEAR campaign saw dozens of people connect with our social media accounts which lead to many more finding our church for the first time and for some, their first encounter with Christ.

In 2017, $75,000 of the total $250,000 will be invested into our creative outreach across multiple platforms in the continuation of our LOVE > FEAR campaign. Refining our message and broadening our outreach, we are believing for an even greater return of souls added to the kingdom. To date $24,345.17 has been put towards the first round of LOVE>FEAR billboards and digital advertising.



It's no secret that we are a church with a big vision for the city of Los Angeles. Currently in 2 neighborhoods, we are believing that God has called us to inhabit 10 locations across LA.

Over the course of the next 12 months $100,000 of the total $250,000 will be given to our expansion, planning not just to invest into the future, but into the here and now. Part of our expansion plan is to set aside a deposit for a permanent home in one of our existing or future locations.

Next, we will also invest back into our current venues allowing us to provide a consistent experience throughout while elevating the the execution overall. To date, we have invested $22,041.91 in new equipment for our current Neighborhoods including supporting the launch of our Sherman Oaks location.

Finally, with great expectation, we will be investing into the expansion of our future by beginning to plan for our launch into a third neighborhood in Los Angeles towards the end of the year.



On Friday, September 23rd, 105 people gathered at the Ruby Street, a historically significant converted church in Highland  Park, to take part in the future of our church in the city of Los Angeles. We have set a goal to raise $250,000 to sow into missions, both local and global, our ministries and our mandate to reach the lost in this great city through many avenues.