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At C3 Los Angeles we exist to help people know God personally, find freedom from their past through the power of relationship, discover their purpose through servanthood and grow in their ability to lead others. Each of these are aimed at helping people experience God's core promises of salvation, freedom, redemption and ultimately, fulfillment.

As a local church, we have it in our hearts to establish ourselves in ten different neighborhoods across Los Angeles, so we can reach people with this vision. We are driven to make a difference in the lives of all people that would seek a true + authentic relationship with God through the belief that his son, Jesus Christ, died + rose again so that all men + women could live. We believe a church is not just a place that people gather on a Sunday, but it is a living, breathing community that operates every day, of every week. Our eyes are always firmly set on this great city but our heartbeat is for the people of the neighborhoods we inhabit. We don't just talk about his love, we believe in experiencing it + you are invited to experience it for yourself.

C3 Los Angeles is part of a bigger movement of churches worldwide who are committed to healthy relationships + connection between ministers + churches. As an international family, our members are able to walk into any of our C3 Churches around the world + know they're home. We are united with Christ in His vision, + therefore our mission, to save the lost, make disciples + build His church.

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Pastor’s Jake + Nicole Sweetman have called Los Angeles home since 2007 when they moved across the country with a small team of people to help start a church. They served in various leadership capacities, but in January 2015, Jake + Nicole became the Lead Pastors and officially relaunched the church as C3 Los Angeles. They have committed their lives to the cause of seeing the people of LA come to know God personally, find freedom through meaningful relationships with each other, discover their purpose through serving  + grow in their God-given ability to lead others.

They are a couple driven by a deep desire to build a truly influential Church that fervently serves the people of Los Angeles. Their hope is to see our neighborhoods changed by building a community of believers that find their best lives are lived when Jesus is at the center. Ps Jake + Nicole desire nothing more than to share the love of Jesus with all those who will listen + equip His church with the tools to effectively see the gospel of Christ made synonymous with the great city of Los Angeles.

Jake + Nicole understand that building His house is a collaborative effort and surround themselves with a gifted group of hardworking pastors, leaders + creatives to impact a city yearning for connection.

"We love Jesus, we love people, we love our city + we hope to meet you at one of our Sunday services”
                                                                                          - Jake + Nicole  


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We believe that there is power in finding meaningful relationship with people who are heading in the same direction spiritually as you. Our Neighborhood Groups are designed with this in mind. Find one in your area.




The best way to discover your purpose is through learning how God has gifted you to make a difference in people's lives. Join a team at C3LA and see how serving others will change your life. There's something for everybody.




Following Jesus is synonymous with leading people. Whether or not you see yourself as a leader, Jesus has placed leadership potential in you. Sign up for School of Leadership, and see what God can do through you in His Kingdom.