To My Beloved C3LA Family,

Can you believe we get to do this? 2017 was such a year of God’s unmerited favor and blessing upon us as a church, and I know we feel so privileged to be a part of His plan for Los Angeles. Of course, that blessing and favor is wrapped up in all of you, the people who make us a family, a community that the people of LA can count on. Part of what made 2017 a year worthy of great celebration is how much our family grew! In fact, we experienced growth of 33% in Sunday attendance. That truly is phenomenal, and we need to know it’s not normal and therefore cause to praise God! We also saw a 59% increase in people regularly engaging in a Neighborhood Group. What that means is that we not only grew larger last year, we also grew smaller through the fostering of relationships. If all that wasn’t amazing enough, our team of people who are engaged in building the church through serving others grew by 100%. 100%! Our team literally doubled last year from 102 people to 204 people regularly serving. That is so outstanding! Finally, and most importantly, we got to be a part of 367 people’s journey to either receive the gift of salvation for the first time or as a recommitment to Jesus. That is nearly 70 people more than what we saw in 2016. Every one of these people have a story that matters to God and to us, and we’re grateful to be included in those stories. Church, thank you so much for allowing God to use you in such mighty ways to make a difference in people’s lives and eternities.


It’s important to acknowledge that one of the big ways that you allow God to work through you is your faithfulness in tithing and generosity in giving. The practical outworking of sowing finances into God’s House is such a clear act of faith and obedience, and I am so proud of how you stepped up in 2017 with great consistency and reliability. When it comes to giving, those two characteristics make such a difference in our collective ability to reach the city of Los Angeles with the news of God’s love. Thank you! 

My determination is that we do not become satisfied but keep an appetite for even greater things to be accomplished through us in 2018, and therefore give not only consistently but also sacrificially. 


This level of generosity is our joy, and God promises that through our giving, we grow not only as a community in stature and influence but also as individuals in faith and capacity.


Leading C3/LA is one of my greatest joys in life, and I take my role very seriously. I do not know of any higher privilege than to be able to do this, and I approach every week, every meeting, every strategy, every sermon, and every step of faith with an attitude and awareness that reflects the honor of this calling and my accountability to God. I also recognize that we have a responsibility to you, our spiritual family, to steward your investment into C3 Los Angeles with integrity and care. Myself, our board and our core leadership team are totally committed to that responsibility. I’m excited to share with you in the charts below, both our annual financial report from 2017 and our projected budget for 2018. Each category reflects a healthy yearly spend, and our financial position as a church is strong. Last year, we were able to not only greatly improve our savings, but also our giving to missions. I’m proud of both these things which indicate great financial strength. And strength is what we need because we’re only getting started. God has given us big vision for 2018, which we strongly feel includes a permanent facility, a place to call home. In a city like Los Angeles, that is no small undertaking. It will require great faith and great sacrifice. And I know if any community is up to that call, it is the community of C3 Los Angeles. We are all in together this year and I am excited to witness the power of God made evident through our faith, willingness, and sacrifice.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity. God is using you in mighty ways. Here’s to an “exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think” 2018.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jake Sweetman


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